Tuesday, February 22, 2011

BigBang almost back

The wait was long and now today we wait just a little bit longer. Big Bang is almost Back!!!!!!!!!!and the fans go wild. BigBang is almost back and with every countdown video the fans grows more and more anxious for the return of BigBang. BigBang have pre-sold 10,000 albums in less than a week, taking the #1 pre-sale record from TVXQ's 2008 album 'Seo Taiji'. BigBang your fans are waiting. 

On another not 'linzerdinzertv' had its last episode and though I'm sadden by the ending of 'linzerdinzertv'. I look forward to what awesomeness Lindsey Penn and Mary (Country Mary) have in store. I wish you girls the best in what ever you do. Thank you for all the times you have made me laugh and for making the Internet a little more fun. I will continue to read your stories and watch your videos. Thank you.

PS: I was kind of hoping you will be reviewing BigBang's comeback video. But I'm happy you decided to take a new step in your life.   

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