Tuesday, February 1, 2011

GD & TOP: Baby Good Night MV Review

I was wondering what the "Baby Good Night" by GD & T.O.P music video was going to be like. I honestly thought it was going to be "sad", But!! it wasn't. "Baby Good Night" is nothing like I thought it would be. "Baby Good Night" music video is directed by Lee Kibaek. It is so romantic the way that both GD and T.O.P are in a love struck state where they cant sleep,all they can do is think about the girl. You cant help but say "aww" and smile. The video have a 1920's but yet modern vibe to it. The symbolism using the color "red"(which is the color of passion) makes the video even more romantic. With valentines day on its way I think they pick the perfect day to premiere the video(February 1,2011), to start The Season of Love on the right leg. Do you notice how T.O.P looks almost like he was mold out of  wax, He looks (not to sound like a obsessive but) "perfect". Not an hair out of  place. Through out the video he looked like a mobilized mannequin but I actually like his look for this video. GD on the other hand looks cute, almost like a teenager in love. GD reading the girl a bedtime story is just so adorable.The one thing I found weird about the video is the Snake, I just don't think it belongs in the video.Then again it could just be my fear of snakes. The lyrics is so sweet, you cant help but blushing. "You're my beautiful. you light the fire in my soul" when I hear those words I imagine that they are singing to me. "Baby good night."

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