Monday, January 31, 2011

How I lost weight because I over ate

     "I lost weight because of over eating." you must be wondering, "Is that possible?" No its not possible, but because I over ate I ended up losing 2lbs in one week. I was making Fried Green Plantain for dinner and I ended up making too much. Being the kind of person who does not like throwing away food I ate the extra pieces of Plantains.I was so full it was so uncomfortable I couldn't even sleep that night. I said to myself "I'll feel better in the morning." The next morning I woke up and I still felt full. I ended up skipping breakfast that morning. By noon I was able to eat something small. Ever since I over ate I find large amounts of food to be disgusting. I began to eat smaller portions of food and less junk foods. Instead of frying something I choose to boil it. I also began exercising more often. I take all these steps because I never want to feel that disgusting and uncomfortable  feeling again. I noticed that I have more energy now.

   I remember seeing Dr. Travis Stork from 'The Doctors' doing the "how Junk food affects the body" project.In the experiment Dr. Stork eat until he was disgusted and began feeling sick.When I saw the experiment I thought "Maybe Dr. Stork had this reaction to junk food because he was used to eating healthy. That would never happen to me." I was wrong. Now I realize the effects that junk food have on the body. It can make you sick. I am thankful for that experience because it made me realize that I was doing arm to my body by eating a lot of junk food.

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