Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Seungri's "What can I do" MV review

Seungri’s ‘What Can I do’ is Genius all the details are just beautiful the dance Moves are on point and perfect for the song. It shows a lot of emotion. The Whole idea of the girl being a hologram creates an image of her having no heart And sympathy for Seungri hence her not accepting the key. I too have the same dilemma as LinzerDinzer (Lindsay Penn) I can not find out who directed this masterpiece. I don’t know if it is just me but when I saw the ramp going up to that futuristic ceiling. I couldn’t help but wish that on each side of Seungri a back-up dancers would run up on the ramp and do a back flip. "That would have been even more awesome." Seungri made up for the lack of back flip with a sexy butt slap, which if you know about K-pop MVs a butt slap is not very popularly shown. This is the “get some bi+c#es in your videos” advice that Lindsay Penn was talking about. Most of all its great that “fangirls” have not made a fuss about the "butt slap" at least not yet. To the Director who ever he is, and the choreographer you get an
“A +”

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