Thursday, January 27, 2011

Paramore "The Misery of the Business"

     If you are a Paramore fan like me you must have been following split of members from Paramore. Band members Josh and Zac Farror left Paramore in December, 2010. Josh and Zac released a blogpost in December speaking about how the band was formed and how hayley became a part of the band.When I first read the blog I felt a bit distant, I have to admit. I felt like everything that I thought about Paramore was a lie. In the blog Josh said that Hayley had been writing about things that they didnt believe in, such as contradicting the Bible saying "The truth never set me free" when the Bible says "and you shall know the truth ... shall set you free." The Farror brothers also felt that touring have caused them to miss out on being with their family. They wanted fans to know that from the start of Paramore's fame the rest of the band were push in the background while Hayley was made the star. They claimed that when the contracts were being signed Hayley's manager made her sign them all.

     By the end of December, 2010 Paramore spoke to MTV News saying that there are still three band members left and Paramore is still a band. Paramore told MTV that it "sucks" that the news of the splitting of the two members came out the way it did because it caused the fans to freak out. Hayley said that they felt it coming for a while, Paramore said Fans have began to see the unhappiness in the actions of Josh and Zac.
Their departure was described to be in my words cold and unfriendly. Hayley denied all the allegations of being a fame hogger by saying she always want to be a drummer not a lead singer, and about the contract she denies signing any and said she" hates business."

    Now a month after this split that all Paramore fan wish never happen. I want to know if there is anyone else out there who is confuse, its like you are being dragged between two side and  dont know which side to believe, Is Hayley really the way that the Farror brothers describes her? Were Zac and Josh making things up to not look bad in the eyes of the fan? Well its really hard to find out which side is right and I really dont want to take sides. I like most Paramore fans still loves them and forever will but we cant help but wonder who we should believe. So fans please leave a comment saying how you fell about the split and what each side had to say. Are you taking sides? which side and why?

By: MyFandomRm

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