Tuesday, January 25, 2011

SKINS not hiding enough skin?

The new MTV show 'Skins' is about teenagers engaging in sexual activity, Drug experimenting and the party life. 'Skins' have recently faced controversy for being too sexy for teens. The point that some of the actors are indeed teens was also the focus of some critics. Most of the critics seems to be parents who say that the show is way too inapropriate for teens to be watching. What I want to know is what does teen have to say about the show. Do they aprove or disaprove with the truth behind the situations being protraied in 'Skins', because we may not want to believe it but these things are happening. Some parents also criticizes the parenting skills of the parents of the teen characters in 'Skins'. I think that the use of drugs and the sexual activities depicted in this new MTV show 'Skins' (that have been on the air in Britain for five seasons now) could be a starting point for parents to talking to their teens. Parents should use this show as an example to their teen of how drugs can affect your lives. Yes no teen wants to sit there and watch the show with your parents but you can watch it seperately and it can help to start a conversation. MTV also labled the show "for mature audiences only" so the parents should go easy on MTV with the the criticim. Leave a comment telling me what you think about 'Skins', Is it too racy? Is it a conversation starter? or Is it just an entertaining show?

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