Friday, January 28, 2011

TVXQ// DBSK "왜? Keep your head down" MV comparison

    "왜" by TVXQ// DBSK is a great song with fabulous choreographed by Sim Jaewon (the blond guy in the video). who also choreographed SNSD's "Into the new world" and co choreographed  SHINee's "Lucifer". "Keep your head down was directed by cheo soohyun. The video was a more mature side of TVXQ and It showed off both Max and U-Know's  straights physically and vocally. The video was great all together except for the costume with the orange and black circles and fur, The fabric was just wrong. It kind of look like a carpet to me. Another thing was that some of the fire looked really fake. Over all Its a great video.

    Anyways The Japanese version of  "Keep your head down" was released this week and I cant help but comparing the two video and even the song. The Japanese music video had new scenes. The video had more close-ups of both U-Know and Max, which is always good. If you look closely you may see that when U-Know began singing he did different hand gestures in the two videos. Maybe its because I know how to speak more Korean than Japanese  but I think the Korean version of the song sound better, dont get me wrong The Japanese version was good. The Japanese version mad U-Know's rap sounds rushed. Take a look and tell me which one you like better.

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  1. Lmao, I thought you mean the first video was the Japanese version, I was like: "Omo! They sound exactly the same" But by the time the 1st minute passed I realized it was the Korean version :) LOL. I absolutely like the KV better, it's probably because I'm already used to it, not that i'm hating on the JV. It also sound kind of funny how they rush the words to keep up with the same beat. I agree with you on that